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Far Westerns 2016

Official NCVF Ranking Tournament 2016
California State Championship Ranking Tournament​

​Far Westerns will be used to help teams qualify and rank at both Nationals and the California State Championship.


If interested in attending, please email womensvolleyball@campusrec.ucdavis.edu



LOCATION: UC Davis Campus- ARC, Pavilion and Hickey Gym

DATE: Saturday February 20th-Sunday February 21st, 2016

COST: $405 prior to November 30.  $455 after November 30. Entry Fee can be turned in no later than January 31st, 2016. (Make checks payable to Women's Club Volleyball at UC Davis. NO payment via online transfers will be accepted.) All-team entry: Feb. 1st, 2016. 


Entry fees can be mailed in at:

attn: Women's Club Volleyball @ UC Davis
 232 ARC
One Sheilds Avenue
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616

NCVF RANKING TOURNAMENT: We are a NCVF designated ranking tournament.  

CALIFORNIA SEEDING EVENT: Our tournament also has been selected as a California seeding event.  Results will be used to help qualify and seed teams for the California State Championships.  

RULES: The NCVF Governance Rules will be in full effect.


OFFICIALS: Certified refs will be used for all matches.  Two refs will be provided for all gold playoff matches.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Joe Gengler and Sukhjit Dhillon will be the Tournament Director for the event.

TEAM SELECTION: First teams (“A” teams) teams will be selected on a “First Come, First Serve” basis.  Schools are allowed to enter both their “A” and “B”.  However, “A” teams will have priority over “B” teams up to February 2nd.  Any additional teams from a school will be accepted if spots are available 21 days prior to the tournament.


NCVF TEAM REFUNDS: Teams may withdraw from the event if a request is made in writing at least 21 days before the tournament.  Refund requests received after this time period will not be granted except by the NCVF Women’s Committee (acts of God, dangerous weather conditions, etc.).  The hosting school must notify the NCVF Women's Committee of any school that withdraws less than 21 days before the tournament.   Such teams may be subject to sanctions.  The hosting school is required to provide a full refund within 30 days of written withdrawal.

HOTELS: There are a number of great hotels near campus.  Most of these hotels do not work with club teams to provide block booking since providing block rooms for other large events are their priority.  This website provides a list of good hotels near campus.


**If you have any questions, please contact Michael Jackson at mjackson@ncvfvolleyball.org or the UC Davis club president, Alyssa Dunne at amdunne@ucdavis.edu.



All seeding performed by NCVF Women’s Committee.


2016 Far Westerns Tournament Teams

** Securing a spot in the tournament based on receipt of payment, it will say (PAID) next to team name.


1.  UC Davis I - Roster Received 

2.  UC Davis II - Roster Received 

3. University of Oregon (PAID) - Roster Received 

4. USC (PAID) - Roster Received 

5. SJSU (PAID) - Roster Received 

6.  University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (PAID)

7. Santa Clara (PAID) - Roster Received 

8. UCLA (PAID) - Roster Received 

9. CAL (PAID) - Roster Received 

10. CU Boulder (PAID) - Roster Received 

11.  Sonoma State (PAID) - Roster Received 

12.  Oregon State (PAID) - Roster Received 

13.  UC San Diego (PAID) - Roster Received 

14.  UC Santa Barbara (PAID) - Roster Received 

15.  San Diego State (PAID) - Roster Received 

16.  Saint Mary's (PAID) - Roster Received 

17.  Sacramento State (PAID) - Roster Received 

18.  Cal Poly (PAID) - Roster Received 

19.  Stanford (PAID) - Roster Received 

20. University of Nevada, Reno (PAID) - Roster Received 

21. SFSU (PAID) - Roster Received 

22. USF (PAID) - Roster Received 

23. University of Nevada, Reno II (PAID) - - Roster Received 

24. University of Oregon II (PAID) - Roster Received 

25. USC II (PAID) - Roster Received 

26. Cal Poly (PAID) - Roster Received 

27. Fresno State (PAID) - Roster Received 

28. Sonoma State II  (PAID) - Roster Received 

29. CU Boulder II (PAID) - Roster Received 


31. Chico State (PAID)




San Diego State II (PAID)

 Washington State


Last updated: 2/16/2016

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